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Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost, Set Schedules.

Our model caters to start-ups and businesses with set budgets and schedules, providing timely solutions that consistently exceed expectations by adhering to milestones.

We conduct a thorough review of your paperwork, SOWs, mockups, and references, fostering transparent dialogue. Our solutions are tailored and budget-friendly, divided into stages with an anticipated completion date driven by detailed analysis.

Perks of going ahead with this model:

Dedicated Resources

Hire Dedicated Resources

With this module, you have the authority to choose one resource or to assemble your team to work on your product as you see fit. Our resources will function as an outside supplement to your current internal team.
This approach guarantees total security, managerial control over your platforms, and best practice strategy recommendations to ensure the success of your project.

This approach is made to be as adaptable as feasible for you to hire our resources on a temporary or permanent basis.

Perks of going ahead with this model:

Take Interview

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Sign Contract

Create Project

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Assign Task

Daily time Sheet reporting

Weekly Stand up Meeting

Resource Allocation

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Project Completion
Time & Material

Time & Material

This model is suitable for long-term projects with requirements that are evolving and unclear, and also for those projects whose specifications and requirements might change midstream.

In this model you will only have to pay for the time and the resources allocated to you on the project.


Perks of going ahead with this model: