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The Rank One Sport software gives you a comprehensive set of management features to meet your school needs. Whether you’re using it for athletic directors, fine arts directors, trainers and coaches, or athletics offices, it’s easy to navigate and the interface is simple to understand.


Rank One Sport was developed in response to a need for an affordable, easy-to-use, yet comprehensive software package. There are many athletic management systems out there and some of them offer great functionality and a number of useful features that you may need, but may not be able to afford. We strive to combine powerful management tools with ease of use so you can focus on what’s most important: turning your athletes into champions!

Rank One

Technology Stack

  • IOS & Android app(Xamarin)
  • Rest API
  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server
  • AWS
  • Java Script
  • J Query
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Core Features​

Rank One is a comprehensive set of management features to meet your school’s needs. Ranking One was developed for athletic directors, fine arts directors, trainers, and coaches. The challenge was how to make a piece of software that could be used by everybody in the office, including frontline staff like athletic trainers, while still looking professional and being easy to use.

Schedules and rosters

Prepare and manage your team’s schedules and rosters. View the seasons and tournaments, add new teams and assign players to them, browse through the entire history of events for a team, etc.

Attendance reports, and submission of local league standings

The feature allows you to enter your sports team’s players and rosters, then submit the complete league standings, roster changes, and player data.

Results/scorebooks, game calendars, and online game schedules

Scorebooks, game calendars, and online gameplay are some core features of our software. The system also provides an online voting feature in which you can view performance statistics for any player or team.

Inventory Tracking and Professional Reports

Track your team’s inventory and test results with ease. Create professional reports that track all athlete information, including injuries and days out.

Game Contracts and Participation Reports

Use the app to manage game information and participant information, download contracts and injury reports, schedule games, and send notifications.

Teams & games lists, practice plans

Rank One Sport software allows you to enhance your team’s success by keeping everyone on track with their practice schedule. Teams and games lists, practice plans and more all in one place.

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